Priapus hymns

He’s got none. That’s the whole issue.

It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do with that fact. So far, I’ve honoured him with small prayers that I’d write or make up on the spot. It’s satisfactory but not ideal, as I’m someone who enjoys the formality of reciting/reading an hymn.

This came hand-in-hand with the lack of epithets, and the whole reason why I ended up gathering the ones I found and making up new ones. With that done, I’ve written two imitation hymns: an homeric imitation and an orphic one. Again, they are stylistic imitations, and especially for the orphic one, isn’t necessarily 100% accurate with the other elements of the other Orphic Hymns.

Homeric imitation:

I sing well-endowed Priapos, son of Bromios and golden Kypris, who birthed you on the blue shores of Lampsacus. Blessed one, who keeps watch on both sea and land, bringer of Fortune and averter of ills. Hail Priapos! I pray to you in song.

Orphic imitation:

I call upon Priapos
Last-born of Bacchos
To Heavenly Aphrodite
Rustic prince,
Watcher of ripe fruits
You bless the initiates
With the sweetness of your abundant harvest
O, ever fruit-bearing Priapos,
You who yield two thyrsoi
Both bringer of frenzy,
And of many joys,
I summon you, O blessed one,
Come with favor in your heart,
join the holy procession
Of your divine father,
The pure Bacchic lord.

So yeah. Would love feedback if someone ends up using them. My practice is probably going to evolve again as winter approaches, and this time it’s moving towards a more important focus on him. The lack of information and sources is making progress really slow and I have to accept that there’s a lot I’ll have no choice but to reconstruct on my own.


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