An Introduction to Asklepios

Let’s go through the trivial information first: He is Apollon’s son with Koronis, a Triccaean princess. He is the god of medecine and patron to doctors (I’d extend to healthcare workers as a whole) “Asklepios” literally means “to cut open”. In myth, Apollon performed a C-section to birth him. The constellation Ophiochus is sacred toContinue reading “An Introduction to Asklepios”

Introducing yourself to a deity: some basics

The easiest way to approach the matter is to think of it as a relationship: it grows over time but it all starts with a simple “hello”.  An introduction prayer is always a good place to start. This includes an invocation, leaving some type of offering, and then saying what brought you to them. Let’sContinue reading “Introducing yourself to a deity: some basics”