Rethinking the Anthesteria

I know it seems awfully early to talk about this festival, since, at least on my calendar, it won’t be before late February. The Anthesteria also happens to be one of my favorite festivals, and as much as I don’t want to change it, there’s a major issue about how to celebrate it in aContinue reading “Rethinking the Anthesteria”

Prometheus and his cult in Athens

Prometheus is another of those forgotten deities (titan, to be exact). It’s true that his worship doesn’t seem to have been widely spread across the Ancient world, but Athens stands as an exception. A small disclaimer: this post is going to be mainly a selected summary of the second part of Prometheus by Carol Dougherty.Continue reading “Prometheus and his cult in Athens”

The Werewolves of Arcadia

This is my contribution to adrilechat ‘s Halloween “Haunting Pagan Lore” event. As you can see from the title, I’ve chosen a classic of horror and folklore tales for which many have forgotten the ancient origins. This will be long, so let’s get into it. The myth of King Lycaon While the earliest known exampleContinue reading “The Werewolves of Arcadia”

An updated list of Priapus epithets

Because the list on is sad af. Let’s start with those actually. On the page for Priapus are listed 5 epithets: Ανδροσαθων, Androsathon “man-pricked” Ιθυφαλλος, Ithyphallos “Erect-phallus” Τυχων, Tykhon “Fortune” Θριαμβος, Thriambos “Thriamb” Διθυραμβος, Dithyrambos “Dithyramb” And they’re fine, Ithyphallos and Tykhon are two important ones and I’m glad they’re there. However, it’sContinue reading “An updated list of Priapus epithets”

Priapus of the sailors

About two weeks ago I wrote about Aphrodite and her role as a sea goddess. Finding the epigrams about this aspect of hers led me to a rabbit hole of extracting dedicatory epigrams from the Palatine Anthology. Sixteen of them mentionned Priapus, of those, eleven epigrams present Priapus under a different aspect than the oneContinue reading “Priapus of the sailors”

Philosophy, Hellenic Polytheism and me

This post is going to be a bit different and more personal. I wasn’t sure I wanted to make it, but clearly this topic keeps being brought up, and makes me scream into the void without much context. My disclaimer is this: today’s post is a word vomit  an opinion piece, not an informative one.Continue reading “Philosophy, Hellenic Polytheism and me”

Aphrodite of the Sea

This aspect of hers deserves some more attention. As someone who was raised by the sea, grand-daughter of a sailor and one who fell for an ex-sailor, I’m terribly biased. Aphrodite’s association with the sea is not ignored, and I see it come up often through aesthetics, but I’ve more rarely seen the cultic aspectContinue reading “Aphrodite of the Sea”

The Auloi

This post has been long in the making and kept being pushed back in the favor of other topics. Here we are finally, time to talk about ancient music. I have chosen the aulos, as you will see, it is more relevant to my interests, but hopefully soon, you should be able to read aboutContinue reading “The Auloi”