Worshipping Zeus – part I

Why is Zeus the Supreme God, King of Heavens, Mankind and Gods? Let’s focus on Zeus’ roles. His main attribute is the sky and the weather, especially rain. From a modern point of view, it almost sounds mundane but it is not. At all. You can’t grow food during a drought, rain is vital. WhateverContinue reading “Worshipping Zeus – part I”

About Hera – an info dump

The idea behind this post was not to make an essay about Hera as goddess in myth or in cult. It was more about looking into the ressources I had at hand and gather cultic information that I haven’t seen mentionned on tumblr.  But if there is one thing that I need everyone to understandContinue reading “About Hera – an info dump”

Prime wines in Dionysian worship

That’s kind of a follow up to my last post about calendars and the timing of festivals because the topic I want to touch on today is a practical example of how that can happen in the worship of Dionysus. The Anthesteria is one of my favorite festivals for a bunch of reasons. One ofContinue reading “Prime wines in Dionysian worship”

More about Priapus

An algorithm has recentely recommended me an article titled “Construction cultuelle dans les Priapées: la séqunence centrale” by Marie-Karine Lhommé which seeks to analyze the description of the cultus of Priapus in the Carmina Priapea, an anonymous collection of 80 latin epigrams. I’m usually someone who screams “cultus before myth” or “cultus before literary sources”Continue reading “More about Priapus”

On pine resin

Sometimes things just work out, as this is a post I wanted to write. In @nordicsatyr ‘s latest post about offerings for Dionysus, pine resin has been mentionned. Coincidentally, it happens that my latest behind-the-scene “research” (more like luck, but whatever) has actually been about pine resin. Let me start off by answering and saying that IContinue reading “On pine resin”

Worshipping Priapus  – Practical info

As promised, the second part of this post, because otherwise it would have been a very long read. His portrayal is in various ways: either as a small man with a huge penis, or as a more realistic human, like how this fresco in Pompeii depicts him.  What is always depicted however is how heContinue reading “Worshipping Priapus  – Practical info”

Worshipping Priapus – Background info

I’ve mentionned several times in previous posts this month that my worship has evolved over the past years and is continuing to evolve. I’ve come to introduce myself or be introduced to more deities, some of which are less known than others. More recentely, my worship has been leaning towards “minor” rustic deities, all ofContinue reading “Worshipping Priapus – Background info”

Discovering Aristaeus

Aristaeus/Aristaios is one of the sons of Apollo. I won’t go into the mythical parts because this is something you can read about on theoi.com but I will focus on the cultus aspect, both in the ancient setting and the modern one. As a god, his domains are: cheesemaking, he is by extension one of the patronsContinue reading “Discovering Aristaeus”