The Auloi

This post has been long in the making and kept being pushed back in the favor of other topics. Here we are finally, time to talk about ancient music. I have chosen the aulos, as you will see, it is more relevant to my interests, but hopefully soon, you should be able to read aboutContinue reading “The Auloi”

On satyrs

Satyrs have been a part of my posts for a while, whether as part of the dionysian retinue or through their direct association to Pan. However, I’ve never written only about them until now. First, let’s clear up the terminology: satyrs and silens are the same (not to be confused with the god Silenus). TheyContinue reading “On satyrs”

Pan, god of music and noise

This is the follow-up to this post. I will be writing assuming that you have read it, so I recommend you read it first if you haven’t. The cult of Pan alongside the Nymphs in Athens was deeply connected to music and dance. In this part, I will go into the details of why thisContinue reading “Pan, god of music and noise”