An updated list of Silenus epithet

Remember when I was bitching about Priapus having only 5 epithets on Well, Silenus has got one (1). This is honestly even more surprising since Silenus does have a known hymn, at least from the Orphic side. Taking this into account, I made up a few epithets for him, some are inspired by theContinue reading “An updated list of Silenus epithet”

The Auloi

This post has been long in the making and kept being pushed back in the favor of other topics. Here we are finally, time to talk about ancient music. I have chosen the aulos, as you will see, it is more relevant to my interests, but hopefully soon, you should be able to read aboutContinue reading “The Auloi”

Worshipping Silenus part 2: Cult

There’s… not that much to say, unfortunately. Generally, it’s safe to assume that Silenos was worshiped alongside his family, that is the satyrs, nymphs and Dionysus. Thankfully, we have some accounts of individual worship from Pausanias in his Description of Greece (2nd century AD), that we can go through. Note that those are my ownContinue reading “Worshipping Silenus part 2: Cult”

Worshipping Silenus Part 1: Introduction

I have mentioned Silenus twice so far, but never gave him his own post. I personally like him a lot, and now that I’ve written about most of his family except him, it’s fair I give him some attention. I should add, before we get into the heart of the article, that I cannot writeContinue reading “Worshipping Silenus Part 1: Introduction”

On satyrs

Satyrs have been a part of my posts for a while, whether as part of the dionysian retinue or through their direct association to Pan. However, I’ve never written only about them until now. First, let’s clear up the terminology: satyrs and silens are the same (not to be confused with the god Silenus). TheyContinue reading “On satyrs”