The Werewolves of Arcadia

This is my contribution to adrilechat ‘s Halloween “Haunting Pagan Lore” event. As you can see from the title, I’ve chosen a classic of horror and folklore tales for which many have forgotten the ancient origins. This will be long, so let’s get into it. The myth of King Lycaon While the earliest known exampleContinue reading “The Werewolves of Arcadia”

Worshipping Zeus – part III

This is the final part of this “series”, here are part I and II for those who have missed them. In this last post, we will be going through Zeus as a paternal figure and domestic deity. Zeus is regarded as the head of the divine family. In myth, he also has many alliances attributedContinue reading “Worshipping Zeus – part III”

Worshipping Zeus – part I

Why is Zeus the Supreme God, King of Heavens, Mankind and Gods? Let’s focus on Zeus’ roles. His main attribute is the sky and the weather, especially rain. From a modern point of view, it almost sounds mundane but it is not. At all. You can’t grow food during a drought, rain is vital. WhateverContinue reading “Worshipping Zeus – part I”