Local Cultus 3: Dionysus without grapes

Same disclaimer as my previous post on local cultus: This will not be informative unless you’re interested in how I approach the issues I’m trying to solve. Note that obviously this is stuffed with UPG. The grapevine (vitis vinifera) doesn’t naturally grow in this northern part of the world. While there is some wine productionContinue reading “Local Cultus 3: Dionysus without grapes”

Local cultus 2: problem-solving personal practice

Back in 2017 I wrote about my personal local cultus, which was mainly centered around sea gods. It’s been 4 years and that post is now completely outdated, since I’m now in a completely different country, not to mention that my practice has also changed a lot. This will not be informative unless you’re interestedContinue reading “Local cultus 2: problem-solving personal practice”