An updated list of Silenus epithet

Remember when I was bitching about Priapus having only 5 epithets on Well, Silenus has got one (1).

This is honestly even more surprising since Silenus does have a known hymn, at least from the Orphic side. Taking this into account, I made up a few epithets for him, some are inspired by the hymn, while others have just been chosen by logical association.

Disclaimer like last time: the new list is my new list of epithets. It doesn’t mean you can’t use them, it just means that those are not historical.

Historically attested

  • Πυρριχος, Pyrrhikhos “Contorted Dance” (the one on
  • Σάτυρος, Satyros “satyr”, can also mean “lewd”

My propositions

“Newish” aka inspired from the OH:

  • τροφεύς, Tropheus, “Foster-father” [of Dionysus]
  • κωμαστής, Komastes, “Reveller”
  • ληναῖος, Lenaios “of the wine press”’

Wine related:

  • φιλοπότης, Philopotes “lover of drinking/fond of wine”
  • οἰνεραστής, Oinerastes “lover of wine”
  • γλευκοπότης, Gleukopotes, “drinker of new wine”
  • κάτοινος, Katoinos “drunken with wine”
  • οἰναγωγός, Oinagogos “carrying wine”
  • οἰνόληπτος, Oinoleptos “possessed with wine”
  • οἰνοβρεχής, Oinobreches “wine-soaked” “drunken”
  • οἰνοφερής, Oinopheres “inclined to wine”
  • οἰνοποτήρ, Oinopoter “wine-drinker”
  • οἰνοχαρής, Oinokhares “merry with wine”
  • ὕποινος, Upoinos “under the influence of wine”

Dancing related:

  • βαλλισμός, Ballismos “jumping about, dancing”
  • φιλόκωμος, Philokomos “fond of feasting and dancing”
  • χορομανής, Khoromanes “mad from dancing”
  • χοροπαίκτης, Khoropaiktes “dancing merrily”

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